Hussain Sajwani and His Business Principles Are To Be Followed

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known businessman from Dubai who is noted worldwide as a savvy businessman and entrepreneur. His success comes from his vast real estate empire of luxury apartments, hotels, and resorts. He has set the pace in the middle east with is forward thinking and dynamic projects, where he has even partnered with Donald Trump by strategically placing Trump Golf Courses designed by Tiger Woods in some of his most elegant projects.


When he was a schoolboy, he worked long extra hours for his father in the family variety store, selling various consumer products. There he learned to work hard and to organize his time. Even though he worked long hours, he feels that it was during this time when a good work-ethic was instilled as a youth.


After receiving a University degree, Sajwani started his own company which supplied food to the US Army and several construction companies. This venture was successful and taught Sajwani how to organize and run a larger operation on a profitable basis.


In 2002, Sajwani formed DAMAC, a real estate development firm in anticipation of a great influx of immigrants. The UAE had relaxed the restrictions on immigration and Sajwani correctly predicted the need for housing for newcomers to the country. He has a great talent for promotion and marketing, and his unique methods allowed for DAMAC to become very well-known in a very short period of time.


Known for his conservative business strategies, Sajwani runs a tight ship. He pays cash for his land so that no one can foreclose. Any further financing on the construction end is very minimal. Each real estate project has its own accounting and banking systems so no money is comingled thus each property stands on its own.


To date, DAMAC has completed over 19,000 apartments with another 44,000 in various stages of completion. The apartments, hotels, and resorts are in great demand with their luxurious appointments and spacious accommodations. Today, Hussain Sajwani is one of the top wealthiest Arab businessmen in the region and still growing. His future plans for expansion is well in hand as he is mindful of various market fluctuations in regard to his future expectations.


Since the real estate market can fluctuate greatly, Hussain Sajwani has prepared for these fluctuations. He has always kept very healthy cash reserves in anticipation of changing market conditions. He is very careful to avoid outright speculation, as sound business principles require adequate reserves at all times.


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