Samuel Strauch – Addressing Real Estate Trends for Future Generations

     Samuel Strauch is an active real estate investor and an art and photography enthusiast. He began his career in banking but later decided to join his family’s South Florida real estate business. The business thrives to this day and focuses on acquisitions, property management, development equity sourcing, and brokering real estate deals. The company does business in Latin America as well. The growth of real estate development and Miami’s transformation into a beach metropolis caught his attention as a niche he wanted to explore.

Miami’s real estate scene gave him the idea and motivation to form Metrik Holdings; a business with international investors and clients. Samuel Strauch believes that creativity and the ability to look into the future is part of everyone’s DNA. These abilities are what sets a person apart in the real estate industry. An open mind and the ability to analyze ideas is essential for success. Nothing happens, even for the greatest idea in the world, until a person puts it in motion.

Today, Samuel Strauch is paying close attention to how people live, work, and play. He also has his eye on how people are traveling. The world is ushering in a new generation, and he is focusing on projects that will be able to adapt to how this new generation conducts business and pleasure. The company’s goal is to create living and workspace opportunities that will appeal to this new generation which has a different take on living, relationships, work, and travel.

Samuel Strauch also believes that accountability, collaboration, and transparency are not just buzz words. They are a requirement if any person or business is to realize success. This leads to trust. In real estate, everyone has to be on the same page. Information has to be forthcoming with respect to investors, contractors, designers, and architects. Strauch thinks the most critical factor for success is to think in terms of a win-win situation for everyone involved in the project.

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