Robert Ivy, AIA Professional

The American Institute of Architects is a proud member organization with over 90,000 active members. Their proud to introduce new artist, designers, and architects to the industry. Many people are proud to join their network because they focus on education and policy. The goal of the AIA is always to introduce the brightest talent to the network. They’ve also been able to help seasoned architects display their best work in and around the community. Located in Atlanta, GA they have over a century of experience in the art community. Today, their daily operations are overseen by business professional and CEO, Robert Ivy. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York

Who Is Robert Ivy, AIA CEO

Robert Ivy comes from the Mississippi Art Institute Letter (MAIL) and has proudly given over 15 years to the art community. His colleagues have said; he has been able to lend a strong communication. As an art leader, he has an eye for detail. He says; his focus has been the best talent in the art industry. His goal continues to be the needs of his members in the art community. Today, he has led more new members to his organization than ever before. While his focus remains on art and his students.

Robert Ivy was one of the first architects to ever receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and this has also brought more members to his organization. In fact, by focusing on policy and education he has encouraged confidence in the art community. His art has been able to secure his members with a strong commitment to their success. He will become one of the first leaders of art to be responsible for such a prestigious award. He’s proud to have been a leader of the art community for so many years and credits his success to the productivity of his leadership at the American Institute of Art.

You”re invited to learn more about his art community by visiting their unique website at AIA. If you’re a new, seasoned, or talented architect or designer, the AIA professionals have you in mind while searching for new talent.



The American Institute Of Architects Robert Ivy Goes From Designer To Critic And Group Leader

The Executive Vice-President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has become one of the leading figures in the global architecture scene after a successful stint as a Principal at one of the top architectural agencies in the U.S. Ivy has since expanded his reach across different areas of the architectural industry by adding in a range of areas of interest including editing one of the most respected magazines in the global architectural sector; in perhaps his most important role of his career, Robert Ivy has been responsible for the growth and change of direction of the American Institute of Architects.

Over the course of his career, Ivy has become one of the leaders of the architectural and construction industries through the last few years as he has taken on a new career as the EVP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy has spent the majority of his time at the AIA which began in 2011 looking to assist in developing a new way of building a successful design-based program which assists with the development of stronger and more sustainable communities for the future.


As the leader of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has developed new programs designed specifically for the development of a new and improved format for the development of a sustainable future. Ivy believes the link between an improved level of public health can be made possible by working towards a better level of design from buildings through to the effective design of buildings allowing the residents and users of a building to have access to safe water and the correct amount of natural light.

Robert Ivy announced his own decade-long plan to establish the AIA as a leader within the community as the group is looking to become more proactive and promote a better community at all levels over the coming years. Robert Ivy believes the work being completed by the American Institute of Architects will be successful on a number of different levels as the group is looking to use design to promote better health in terms of commonly seen medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease which the design of buildings across many different sectors can play a positive role in.

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