What’s New with Waiakea Water

Environmentally friendly packaging is new at Waiakea Water. In fact it may change the entire plastic bottled water industry.

The Hawaiian volcano water company is making history with its patented TimePlast bottles. Their bottles were already made of recycled plastic. The common understanding is that plastic is not biodegradable. This is not either. The staff found a way to alter the composition of the plastic to make the polymers into more simple chains. They changed the plastic.

This made it possible to alter the structure of their plastic bottles. By altering the composition, they invented a way to maintain the strength and stability of their bottles while shortening the decomposition time from 1200 years to about 15 years. That is the benefit of TimePlast in their bottles.

They wanted the bottles to be better than just compostable. Further experimentation altered the composition to become a carbon based wax which has the strength and stability of the aforementioned plastic. Yet, this wax is degradable. This is a major development in the plastic bottled water industry.

The CEO and co-founder, Ryan Emmons, predicts this will begin production next year. Emmons and his staff turned the problem around and looked at how to manufacture the “plastic” bottles in such a way that they could be decomposed. At first it appeared to be too expensive but they found a way to introduce the nano-substances early in the process of making bottles to reduce the cost.

Emmons’s goal was to create an environmentally friendly product in a popular niche and find a way to give back to communities in need. He was 22 when he started this company and now he donates clean water to rural communities in Africa with a partner company.

WAIAKEA Hawaian Volcanic Water is the only bottled water in the world, as of 2012, which has plastic bottles that can break down, thus reducing plastic pollution. Other companies in the world strive for similar goals. This water comes from the top of a 14,000 volcanic mountain and is rich with minerals.