Betsy DeVos and a Cool Attitude

Betsy DeVos understands that people only get one shot at their lives. She proves that on a daily basis. She proves that to the United States and to the world by making the most out of her own existence. She likes to use her invaluable time wisely. That may be the reason behind her devotion to public service. That may be why she’s worked incessantly to stand up for topics that are near her heart for decades. She went to Calvin College when she was still just a young woman. Professors and students who were there saw on their own just how ardent she was about politics. They saw with their own eyes just how much she wanted to encourage strong and beneficial change for society.


DeVos’ is President Donald Trump’s selected United States Secretary of Education. She doesn’t have this job without good reason, either. President Trump decided that she would be a suitable fit for the position due to her deep interest in United States educational choice matters. DeVos and her husband Dick have been talking about implementing better educational choice concepts in the country for years and years. These two philanthropists know exactly what they’re talking about as well. They’ve had big talks with so many American parents who don’t know how to make decisions about educating their children. There are many parents in the nation who feel vulnerable due to their lack of monetary resources. American kids often have to attend schools that are decided by their neighborhoods. They don’t get to decide their schools for other reasons. Their parents are also unable to make choices.


Betsy DeVos makes thinking about educational topics a full-time job of sorts. She’s constantly traveling as a means of endorsing educational choice in America. There are no off-limits locations for DeVos. DeVos was in lovely Miami, Florida next to rapper Pit Bull talking about charter schools. They were in a productive charter school setting as well. People who wanted to know their thoughts regarding the subject were able to listen to their ideas and wishes.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a big focal point in DeVos’ life. The group has been in full force since the eighties. Betsy and her husband lovingly made it come to life in 1989. They’re employed the group for charitable purposes ever since that year. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donates major sums of money to all sorts of avenues. It donates a lot of money to education, social matters and the arts.


Betsy DeVos is a fabulous example of a woman who truly backs her beliefs. That’s not to say that she’s a person who lets other people know her thoughts before she actually reveals them, though. This lady possesses a temperament that many people envy greatly. It’s because it’s practically impossible to read her mind. It’s not easy to guess how she’s going to react. DeVos is an effective political activist who likes to show everyone the magnificence of tranquility.


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Bear-Stained Betsy DeVos Settling Into Trump-Appointed White House Position

Betsy DeVos is the kind of woman who knows how to make an impression. To those in her home state of Michigan, she is a hard-headed woman who can get her ideas done with the help of her immense fortune. DeVos and her husband have propelled conservative ideas forward like the breakdown of the state’s labor unions, which her husband was really against.


Betsy fought against public education, as she wanted to offer parents the choice to go to private or religious schools. This choice has always been there, but she wants all families to get vouchers from the government so they can go to a private or religious school. The problem most Democrats have with this plan is that she does not want the government to vet private or religious schools but wants them to take government money. Most opponents of her plans in Michigan felt that a school that takes government money should be held accountable to the people’s government.


Her plan worked because she was not afraid to use her money to get things done in her home state, which is one reason people know her name. Mike Cox, a former Secretary of State for Michigan and a Republican spoke about DeVos, saying that she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He thinks some people dismissed her because she seems like a nice person but is definitely a political beast.


Betsy was appointed to be the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, and she had the opportunity to make another impression on the people. This did not go well for her. Many people saw how inexperienced she was as she fumbled through a congressional hearing. She was asked about education theories and her ideas on them. She obviously did not know what was being asked and answered nonsensically, but things got worse for her. Betsy was asked about guns in school, which she seems to be in favor of. The reason guns were vital in schools was because grizzly bears may attack schools.


Americans heard the tale of the school-hating bears and laughed because grizzly bears have not attacked any schoolyards. It seemed obvious to those watching the interview that she made up some fantastical scenario to scare people into wanting guns in school. Late Night show hosts had a ball at her expense, which was something that DeVos was not happy with. Her character has definitely been bear-stained and there was no way around it. She wants to be known for more than just the lady who makes up bear attacks to keep guns in school.


Perhaps she wants to be known as a fierce political leader who can get things done with her resources. Maybe she wants to be known as a woman who can learn on the job. Sure, she may have been misinformed at the beginning, but she is ready to meet with leaders of public education to discuss the things she does not know. Hopefully, Betsy will become the kind of Secretary of Education who visits underperforming schools to learn how they can be improved or the kind of leader who does her research.


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