The Qualifications and Expertise of ATS’ CEO Robert Deignan

Research has it that one requires ten thousand hours to become experts in whatever they do. Supposing the case is true, then a better description is necessary for the description of Robert Deignan who has been in the business of technology for about twenty years which is equivalent to approximately forty thousand of work. He is an alumnus of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. His graduation happened in 1995, and he intended to become an entrepreneur and business. It is for this reason that he works hard to get a classy experience about rounding out his first-class studies.

Looking at his early career, he co-founded his initial business Fanlink within three years after completing school. He had the will of making his hands unclean so that he could get an understanding of the requirements connected to establishing a fruitful enterprise. His devotion to the customer service and passion towards technology remained the key establishments for the digital technology remedies executive. His understanding facilitated his set of the setting for the work that he would partake later.

After his service at Fanlink, he progressed to hold an executive position of the vice president alongside iS3 company which is a software firm serving numerous technological requirements including personalized technical help, digital security, and computer optimization. He has been passionate about technology and has always been interested in developing his understanding further. The experience he acquired from his earlier roles turned out to be his strength in his present position as the CEO and co-founder of the ATS Digital Services. With his vast experience from the services he offered as the vice president and has co-founded a firm at some point, he utilized all the expertise and integrated with his understanding and knowledge towards the establishment of ATS which was done in 2011.

In various ways, ATS has put a lot of efforts and resources into ATS under the leadership of Robert Deignan. Within the company, he facilitated the establishment of a firm with the ability to resolve the technical matters that can be figured out. Vast expertise in line with digital technology enabled him to set a culture that emphasizes on the customer service as well as a firm filled with a knowledgeable workforce.

Louis Chenevert Skillful Manager

Louis Chenevert is a US citizen who was voted as the leader and director of United Technologies Corporation on 2008 and 2010 respectively. Apart from that he had operated as a leader, Pratt & Whitney since 1999 to 2006 where he was coming from General Motors as Production manager. He went to Université de Montréal where he earned a bachelor degree in production management.

Whenever anyone thinks of improving his/her organization he/she comes up with either to outsource help in running the organization or using the current technology but top management personnel keeps continuously looking for solutions for the organization improvement. Investment that targets available workers emerges the best since you have their weaknesses and competencies at hand. Workers with better skill and emerge the best if given chance but this cannot be known unless someone gets concerned with them.

Hiring a new employee to the organization it may tend to be tedious since he/she has little knowledge about the corporation which demand training within a short while so that he can be able to understand what the company entails. It remains advantageous in using the available employees since they keeps working tirelessly for promotion and keeps to the company without a thought of finding a new employer. Some of suggested ways to invest in your workers is giving them a chance to work where they feels comfortable in since this will drastically improve their effort hence more profits.

Awarding worker is another idea to improve their efforts in work. In a case where workers are awarded monthly and provided some certification that show how best they perform in companies makes employees to deliver their best so that they may be awarded.

A strategy used by Louis Chenevert when he was in United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the leader and director was education program for employees. Louis Chenevert is referred as the only one capable of leading organizations since he provided tripled profits. He used to pay for educational expenses for his/her employees for any field the wish to pursue which improved the expertise in UTC.

Article Title: Jana Lightspeed on Why People Should Embrace Technology

Article Text:

Allocating time to tasks will help you to complete your duties on time. Those are the words of Jana Messerschmidt, a partner and member of the consumer investing group at Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is a firm that concentrates on early-stage investing in technology. Being an investor, the professional’s portfolio covers consumer enterprise, cleantech markets, and technology. Jana Lightspeed also specializes in early stage, expansion stage, and later stage in the creation of startups. She also oversees the incubation of different startups. The skilled business professional is familiar with the needs of her clients. She utilizes her knowledge and vast skills in the development of strategies for the success of the organization. Jana co-founded ANGELS, which is an investment collective committed to helping more women to join startups in different sectors. She works with individuals in companies such as Bird, Cameo, Eero, in addition to Winnie. Jana Lightspeed has invested in the technology sector with the hope of revolutionizing people’s lives.

Background Information

Before joining Lightspeed, Jana worked as an investor advising emerging companies. She also worked as the director in charge of business development for Netflix. She majored on the creation of the firm’s early streaming and partnerships. Jana also worked at DivX as the manager in charge of global sales. Residing in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Jana is married with a daughter. She attended the University of Illinois where he took a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Besides investing in technology, she also loves to host events in public. She is a skilled team leader who enjoys diversifying networks.

Company Profile

Lightspeed Ventures Partners is a venture capital company that focuses on early-stage investments, particularly in the technology sector. The company has successfully backed over 300 firms such as Snapchat and DoubleClick. It invests in foreign and US companies.

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Tips by Louis Chenevert’s for improving your business

When someone plans to grow their business or organization to another level, they often think of different ways to accomplish it. They normally discuss different ideas including bringing some outside help and assistance for the betterment of their company or going with the modern world’s technology. The employees in the chief and higher positions are frequently in search for obvious ways to improve their business.

Possibly, the best way to boost up our business is to consider investing in our existing employees, and that’s for few reasons. The first is that we already know those people very well, we know how good and bad they’re in handling our business, we know about their skills and flaws, and there is a good chance to take their skills to another level which could be useful for the company if we start taking an interest in them and their lives.

If we hire a new employee for a position in our company which is really important to us so, we also have to give him proper training first, so, he can sustain that position in future. They need to work hard to deliver better performance in a very short period. If we give a promotion to any of our present employees, we’re actually surpassing potentially and overlong training processes as they’re already a bit familiar with the organization.

Plus, it gives motivation to other employees that they can also get promotions in the company as they see it happening from within the company. Often, people leave their jobs as they feel and see no rise in their positions and salaries. If they get to know that there can be nothing holding them back, they will be more interested in fitting in and staying with the company. You will acknowledge if your company is working well when there will be fewer turnovers, and therefore you will make more profit in less time.

Optimal Workplace:

For investing in your present employees, there are many techniques. One important way is when you make your workplace a place where employees enjoy spending their time.

Jeunesse Global’s Products For Memory Enhancement and Increased Energy

Jeunesse Global is a company that’s on a mission to make everyone look and feel their absolute best. The company was started in 2009 and sought to create “generation youth.” The leaders of the company are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Both of them have significant amounts of experience and strong educational backgrounds. Lewis is considered to be one of the top women in direct selling, today. Their Orlando, Florida based company has grown to become one of the leading businesses in the region. The company has earned global recognition and has won almost 350 awards in its relatively short existence. The company offers unmatched products in health and wellness. It’s also offering an opportunity to earn additional income by simply sharing your new journey with others. This article will touch upon some product offerings and information on how to get started with Jeunesse Global.

Perhaps the most important and comprehensive products in the line is the Youth Enhancement System. The Y.E.S. package contains everything one could possibly need to start a true wellness journey. It contains a variety of each of the nine product lines. This holistic approach includes everything from cosmetics to energy drinks and vitamin supplements. It’s an essential toolkit for those wanting to share their journey. More information on the Y.E.S. package can be found online by visiting Be sure to reserve yours, today.

Instantly Ageless is another product that is also praiseworthy. This product is a micro cream that works immediately to reverse the obvious signs of facial aging. Crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, hooded eyes, and much more can be treated with a single use. In less than two minutes, you’ll have a healthier looking and smoother face. The packaging is in vials, which are great for on the go applications. They also contain more than one application per vial, so it’s also a great value. An online demonstration will show you exactly how Instantly Ageless can benefit your skin.

Getting started with Jeunesse Global is easy. Simply get online and visit them at, and start your youthfulness journey, today.