Madison Street Capital receives prestigious award for magnificent work in the M&A industry

Madison Street Capital has been named the winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year at the 16th edition of the annual M&A Advisor Awards held on November 13th, 2017 at Metropolitan Club, New York, NY beating over 650 companies who were also competing for the same prize. Madison Street Capital also made it to the finalist’s list for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year category and the Financials Deal of the Year (Under 250MM.) category. For the past 16 years, The M&A Advisor Awards Gala has been held on a yearly basis as a deliberate and conscious effort of honoring and celebrating the leading M&A transactions, companies, and dealmakers of that particular year.


A word on Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a renowned international investment banking company whose core values include but are not limited to integrity, excellence, leadership, and service. Madison Street Capital specializes in delivering top-notch corporate financial advisory services to both public and private enterprises. Considering how time is of ultimate essence especially when it comes to corporate finance matters Madison Street Capital is always able to respond rapidly and in a resolute manner to the various opportunities available. Their approach is carefully crafted in a manner that ensures mutually beneficial corporate finance transactions such that the investors and the business owners go home happy with the deal they just signed. Given their several years of expertise in this field, Madison Street Capital have the skills, know-how, experience, and networks that go a long way in helping them match the suitable buyers and sellers and also and most importantly is their ability to match the suitable financing and capitalization structure to each and every distinct client situation.


Their approach often exhibits their extensive and elaborate understanding of their business and vast experience in their various areas of operations in corporate finance such as mergers and acquisitions, specialized financing, deal structuring, valuation, due diligence and market pricing and the design and implementation of the different exit strategies. Ever since they hit the ground running, they have managed to help clients from several industries attain their goals within the stipulated time frames. Their unmatched experience and deep knowledge of matters corporate finance and corporate governance have given them an edge and this is one of the several reasons many clients give them preference as the go-to partner when in need of competent financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions and above board valuations. Their immense success over the years has seen them open offices in different parts around the world including Asia, North America and in Africa enabling them to have a closer working relationship with different partners both at a local level while still maintaining their global outlook.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a company that offers financial services that allows clients to protect, manage, and grow their assets. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is experienced and has the qualifications that allows him to help other people with their investments and assets. Richard Blair has his CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS. Wealth Solutions is in Austin, Texas and they’re a firm that specializes in investment advisory. Richard thinks everyone needs some sort of financial plan in their life and intends to help the surrounding community with wealth management and retirement saving services.


There are three pillars the firm follows when helping their clients achieve their financial goals. Pillar one is where they lay out the clients finances and see all their attributes. They’ll see what the clients strengths are, goals, risks, talents, and opportunities for growth in their investments. Pillar two is where they create a long term goal and course for the client to follow so they meet their financial needs or wants. Assets are relocated and managed so they will perform at the maximum level when the markets are right and reducing investments while markets are wrong. Pillar three is when everything is laid out and the plan is in play Richard moves on to insurance. Going over and making sure the client is covered long term and for anything else they’d need.


Richard Blair decided to go into this line of work because of his families teaching background. Both his mother and grandmother were teachers so, as a child he saw how it influenced others, gave them confidence, and improved their knowledge. Richard Blair attended the University of Houston for a bachelors in Financing. Following that Richard decided to start Wealth Solutions in nineteen ninety four and he’s still growing in the community by providing unbiased opinions and help to people in need.


Richard has become more experienced and knowledgeable over the years in financing. Richard wants to spread his knowledge to the surrounding families in the community so everyone has a plan when it comes to their assets and their retirement. Richard Blair’s plan is to help every one of his clients achieve their dream goals of what they want their retirement to look like and he’s been succeeding for years to come.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.