The Qualifications and Expertise of ATS’ CEO Robert Deignan

Research has it that one requires ten thousand hours to become experts in whatever they do. Supposing the case is true, then a better description is necessary for the description of Robert Deignan who has been in the business of technology for about twenty years which is equivalent to approximately forty thousand of work. He is an alumnus of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. His graduation happened in 1995, and he intended to become an entrepreneur and business. It is for this reason that he works hard to get a classy experience about rounding out his first-class studies.

Looking at his early career, he co-founded his initial business Fanlink within three years after completing school. He had the will of making his hands unclean so that he could get an understanding of the requirements connected to establishing a fruitful enterprise. His devotion to the customer service and passion towards technology remained the key establishments for the digital technology remedies executive. His understanding facilitated his set of the setting for the work that he would partake later.

After his service at Fanlink, he progressed to hold an executive position of the vice president alongside iS3 company which is a software firm serving numerous technological requirements including personalized technical help, digital security, and computer optimization. He has been passionate about technology and has always been interested in developing his understanding further. The experience he acquired from his earlier roles turned out to be his strength in his present position as the CEO and co-founder of the ATS Digital Services. With his vast experience from the services he offered as the vice president and has co-founded a firm at some point, he utilized all the expertise and integrated with his understanding and knowledge towards the establishment of ATS which was done in 2011.

In various ways, ATS has put a lot of efforts and resources into ATS under the leadership of Robert Deignan. Within the company, he facilitated the establishment of a firm with the ability to resolve the technical matters that can be figured out. Vast expertise in line with digital technology enabled him to set a culture that emphasizes on the customer service as well as a firm filled with a knowledgeable workforce.

How Robert Deignan Reached Ultimate Success

As the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has a lot to be thankful for. His success in business is unprecedented, often attributed to his connections. Those who take a closer look at his connections can easily see that without hard work and dedication to his marketplace, he could have not made it this far. How did Robert Deignan make it this far?


It was in 2011 that he helped to co-found ATS Digital Services. Prior to this, he was the Executive Vice President at iS3. This company was working toward developing and perfecting online solutions, including software for security, tech support, programming, and more. It was through his time spent here in 2002 that he realized his true passion was for business within this marketplace.


The growing need for security online, as well as security in working with software and various applications led to his continuous research and involvement with software and technology. Eventually, the big trend for health and wellness to adopt the function of digital devices to help people reach their wellness goals would prove to be beneficial for Robert Deignan and his professional pursuits.


It has always been difficult to keep up considering that when one device is released the other was made obsolete. It didn’t take long for Robert Deignan to see that the need for support for these digital devices would bring on more business for him. Numerous tech companies have been competing with these devices to see who can create the best one, and who can outdo another.


One of the most fascinating earlier this year that Robert Deignan caught wind of, was the wearable health devices like the Fitbit, AirThings and their air quality devices that monitor the air. The list continues on with newer devices being created and marketed each day.


Another company, known as Kolibree, began marketing a tool to help children brush their teeth. The toothbrush was created with an app that helps parents monitor how long their children are brushing their teeth, and how well they did so. This is yet another example of how Robert Deignan’s company, ATS Digital can provide support for the latest in technology.

The Talk Fusion App Lives up to its Reputation

Technological advancements have been the norm nowadays. Nevertheless, it is always good to unleash something that will solve the various problems that are faced by entities such as businesses. By doing so, your technological advancement will capture the attention of many. Speaking of technological advancements, Talk Fusion has been in the limelight for long. As an application that was launched in 2007, Talk Fusion has gained popularity over the years. Regarding popularity, the Talk Fusion app has been able to increase its global presence over the years. Of late, statistics say that the Talk Fusion app is available in over 140 countries worldwide. Far from that, the app has also incorporated a video chat app as the latest feature.


The Features of the Talk Fusion App


Just like any other app, the Talk Fusion app is very user-friendly. Although various features have been added from time to time, this is always done so as to increase the functionality of the app. With that said, the Talk Fusion has come in handy for many businesses since they have been able to stay ahead of their competition, thanks to the Talk Fusion app. Far from that, the application is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms.


For those who may be wondering what the Talk Fusion app is all about, the application is used for video email. Since the common email platforms cannot share large video files, the Talk Fusion app was launched with the sole aim of solving that specific problem. Through the ability to send video emails, clients have been able to keep in touch regardless of whether they are using Android or iOS. As for business, they have been able to take their marketing skills a notch higher; companies now can engage in video marketing, thanks to the Talk Fusion app.


The Importance of Video Email’s


It is evident that when it comes to marketing, enticing the customers is the primary agenda. With the aid of Talk Fusion, your business can come up with custom-made videos that target various customers and the customers will be able to access the videos through the Talk Fusion app. Moreover, through the ability to engage in video emails, your business can capture the clientele’s attention in a better manner. By having the ability to either record a live video or even upload one from your phone and send it through the Talk Fusion app, it is good to note that the application has done wonders.


To learn more, visit Talk Fusion’s official Youtube channel.

Why Gregory Aziz Started Using National Steel Car

Because Gregory James Aziz knew what to do to help people, he felt good about the opportunities he could provide them. Gregory Aziz always knew there were things he could take advantage of and things that would make a difference for the future. It was Aziz’s goal of helping that allowed people to see Gregory Aziz was a great businessman. He always knew what to do in different situations and wasn’t afraid to come up with innovative techniques. Gregory Aziz showed people he was serious about business while working for the bank and that’s how he pushed through to let others have a good idea of what they needed to do.


Depending on the issues people had with the business and the opportunities they had to get through the bank into different situations, Gregory Aziz made a choice to offer a better experience. He showed people there were things they could do and more opportunities they could take from these experiences. Gregory Aziz felt confident in the help he provided them, and he knew it was his goal of helping that allowed him to keep showing people what they could get from different situations. See Related Link for more information.


As long as Gregory James Aziz could continue providing people with a positive experience, he knew what would happen to the business. He also knew things would keep getting better because of the way he did things. There were times when Gregory James Aziz had to keep working to make the business better, but he didn’t enjoy doing it since it wasn’t his own business. He wanted the chance to do something big for his own business instead of worrying about the way he could help other companies. Gregory James Aziz knew he had to start his own business, so he had a chance to do more with it.


Between the hard work that Gregory Aziz put into helping people and the things that made sense for him, Gregory Aziz knew everything would keep getting better. He wasn’t afraid of giving people the chances they needed for success and that’s how he pushed forward with National Steel Car, after he acquired it from its owner Dofasco. The company was better than most, but Gregory Aziz wanted to make it the best it could be. He had a lot of faith in what he could do to make it more successful. As long as Gregory Aziz could keep showing people what they could get from National Steel Car, he could make things better for everyone.