The Dallas Zoo and James Dondero

James Dondero and his company, Highland Capital Management, has recently spent $1 million sending Dallas families to the Dallas Zoo and their new hippo outpost. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero. After loosing their beloved hippo Papa in 2001, the zoo had closed their hippo habitat for almost two decades. After a lot of outcry from the Dallas community and surrounding areas the zoo built the new hippo out post.

Highland Capital Management helped as many people as they could to see the 5,000 square foot habitat and the hippos that they so desperately wanted. James Dondero and Linda Owens also held a Mothers day event at the zoo to raise money for The Family Place. Follow James on Linkedin.

Hussain Sajwani Is the Energetic DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a property development and real estate wizard who has extensive experience. He created a firm that’s called DAMAC Properties in the early 2000s. It functions as its Chairman and primary shareholder to this day. DAMAC Properties is known by many as a high-end property development business. It concentrates on properties that are located in Dubai, a glittering United Arab Emirates metropolis. Other entities that are part of Sajwani’s work are called AYKON Maldives Resort, Mina Al Sultan Qaboos and, lastly, Nine Elms Property Limited. AKYON Maldives Resort is a Maldives gem that’s the location of a sophisticated resort. It’s composed of more than 500 high-end units. It even has some water villas and bungalows. Mina Al Sultan Qaboos is a hub for tourists. It’s a haven for relaxation, shopping and eating well. Nine Elms Property Limited is a high structure that’s located in the center of London in the United Kingdom.

Investments are a big part of the DAMAC owner and his line of work. He thinks a lot about DICO Investments Co, LLC. It was created back in 1992 and is split up into a handful of distinctive departments. These departments revolve around everything from debt tools to strategic holdings.

Hussain Sajwani is in his mid-sixties and is a DAMAC owner who learned about entrepreneurship as a wee youngster. He was reared by a father who was an entrepreneur himself, after all. Hussain Sajwani is a DAMAC owner who is full of the purest form of tenacity. The older Sajwani was a man who handled a store that concentrated on the sales of T-shirts, writing utensils and timepieces. According to, Sajwani has always been aware of the worth of education. He scored a scholarship from his nation’s government when he was young. This paved the way for the chance for Sajwani to study abroad all the way over in the United States. He traveled to Washington state for his college journey. Sajwani got an exhaustive educational background from the University of Washington. This schooling is the reason he’s such an undeniable part of the property development field now.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Helps Its Clients Manage their Money with Right Investment Strategies

For many people, achieving financial goals might seem a bit too complicated, especially if they are not very finance-savvy or keep track of where the financial markets are heading. If you want a sound financial future, then you need to have an investment strategy. Unfortunately, not many people are able to plan their finances in an organized manner when they are still young, and it can comes back to haunt them later on in life. As the rate of inflation is rising at a rapid pace, it is essential that people start to plan their retirement well in advance. One of the best ways to plan your retirement is to have a professional financial planner do it for you. They take various aspects of financial planning into account and also ensure that your personal financial goals are considered while creating an investment strategy.

If people want their money to grow, they need to invest their money in the right places. It can take a lot of time to research the different investment avenues and pick the best ones. Thus, it is advisable to depend on a professional investment advisor. HCR Wealth Advisors is always ready to help its clients with suitable investment strategies to meet their individual goals. They do their research and present their clients with options. All they need to do is pick the one that they seem most favorable and enjoy. HCR Wealth Advisors is a trusted name with its clients in the field of financial planning and has helped many individuals achieve their financial goals with ease.

According to Whale Wisdom, there are many different aspects of financial planning that the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors would consider before creating an organized financial strategy for you. It would help you plan your retirement accurately and help to ensure that you can live your dreams post-retirement without any hiccups. Investing in the right financial products at the right time would help you achieve your financial goals. Investment solutions provided by HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) are based on research and years of experience and are crafted to meet the requirements of individual clients as per their finances and personal financial goals.

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Why Choose Organo Gold Nutraceuticals

There are an abundance of nutraceutical companies that are on the market today, but finding the best one that fits your needs can be tricky. Not all nutraceutical companies are the same. When it comes to a top-of-the-line nutraceutical company, very few brands can make the cut. Organo Gold is definitely one of the better brands of today because it gives you a copious amount of benefits. This particular brand uses some of the finest of organic ingredients. Its products are backed by science as well as backed by experience. Organo Gold provides an abundance of green tea, red tea, black ice, gourmet-black coffee, hot cocoa, café mocha and café supreme. Visit to know more.

In addition to that, this exceptional company offers personal care products, offers weight loss products and offers protein drinks. Every base is being covered to the highest degree. Unlike other similar nutraceutical companies that use filler ingredients, Organo Gold uses organic ingredients that are harvested under the best conditions. This can truly make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the ingredient itself. On top of having great products, the company offers great services. Would you believe that OG is a network marketing company? Yes, this is absolutely correct and the company has a huge presence in Asia, in the US, in Canada and in Europe. That particular notion can’t be said about its competitors.


The only left to do is to try the products themselves. This line of high-quality nutraceuticals will bring a sense of wellness to your life and that’s a guaranteed fact. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The Talk Fusion App Lives up to its Reputation

Technological advancements have been the norm nowadays. Nevertheless, it is always good to unleash something that will solve the various problems that are faced by entities such as businesses. By doing so, your technological advancement will capture the attention of many. Speaking of technological advancements, Talk Fusion has been in the limelight for long. As an application that was launched in 2007, Talk Fusion has gained popularity over the years. Regarding popularity, the Talk Fusion app has been able to increase its global presence over the years. Of late, statistics say that the Talk Fusion app is available in over 140 countries worldwide. Far from that, the app has also incorporated a video chat app as the latest feature.


The Features of the Talk Fusion App


Just like any other app, the Talk Fusion app is very user-friendly. Although various features have been added from time to time, this is always done so as to increase the functionality of the app. With that said, the Talk Fusion has come in handy for many businesses since they have been able to stay ahead of their competition, thanks to the Talk Fusion app. Far from that, the application is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms.


For those who may be wondering what the Talk Fusion app is all about, the application is used for video email. Since the common email platforms cannot share large video files, the Talk Fusion app was launched with the sole aim of solving that specific problem. Through the ability to send video emails, clients have been able to keep in touch regardless of whether they are using Android or iOS. As for business, they have been able to take their marketing skills a notch higher; companies now can engage in video marketing, thanks to the Talk Fusion app.


The Importance of Video Email’s


It is evident that when it comes to marketing, enticing the customers is the primary agenda. With the aid of Talk Fusion, your business can come up with custom-made videos that target various customers and the customers will be able to access the videos through the Talk Fusion app. Moreover, through the ability to engage in video emails, your business can capture the clientele’s attention in a better manner. By having the ability to either record a live video or even upload one from your phone and send it through the Talk Fusion app, it is good to note that the application has done wonders.


To learn more, visit Talk Fusion’s official Youtube channel.

Guilherme Paulus: The Founder Of Two Largest Tourism Related Businesses In Brazil

The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia S.A. is a Brazilian tour operator services firm that was established in 1972. 63.6% of the company is now under the control of the Carlyle Group, and it is estimated that the value of the percentage they own within the company is at $420 million.

The current president and chief executive officer of the CVC Brasil Operadora S.A., said that the sale of the majority of the company’s shares would drive growth easily, according to Guilherme Paulus. The company is also expected to receive a bounce back after the purchase was made by the Carlyle Group. CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is now considered as one of the largest tour operator services firm operating in the Latin American region. Guilherme Paulus established the company as a co-founder, and he managed to persuade a local Brazilian politician to become his partner in business. Unfortunately, his business partner left him, and he had to manage the CVC Brasil Operadora alone, without any help.

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The business thrived under the supervision of Guilherme Paulus, and in 2005, he decided to create another business brand. This time, he focused on hotels and resorts, and he built his properties near or within the vicinity of the newest airports. According to him, the construction of his properties near the prime areas where tourists hang out gives him a better chance to earn more money, compared to those who have built their properties away from the city airport. Today, the company that he established is one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry.

Recently, the Forbes Group visited Guilherme Paulus, and told him that they would have to investigate if the reports about him are true. There has been a surfacing report online stating that Guilherme Paulus is the newest billionaire on the planet. The magazine confirmed the reports, and they stated that he will be included in the latest issue that they will be releasing sometime this year.


Meet Clay Siegall: A Leader and a Talented Researcher

Meet Clay Siegall: A Leader and a Talented Researcher

Clay Siegall is the founder as well as the Chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a company based in Seattle. It focuses on the development of therapeutic drugs for ailments, which have not yet seen a considerable mortality improvement. He founded the firm in the year 1998. His excellent leadership skills have helped it achieve several mouth-watering achievements in the area of cancer research.

Under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall, Settle Genetics has been able to come up with an antibody-drug conjugate. The drug was initially approved by FDA but now has several approved indications. Other than the antibody-drug conjugate, the firm has also developed over 20 drugs. It has also partnered with renowned drug manufacturers such as Genentech, Pfizer, Bayer, and many others.

Clay Siegall helped Seattle Genetics grow from a small startup with a few researchers to one of the most significant players in the field of cancer research. He has good plans for the organization’s future. The company continues to discover more and more drugs. This crystal means that it has a bright future.

How Dr. Clay Siegall Started the Business

Clay Siegall has been interested in medicine as well as the power of technology since he was young. He had the ambition of restoring good health to patients who had minimal chances of surviving. He initially became interested in the cancer treatment while at the university studying zoology. He became more interested in the field research when he saw a family member, who had been diagnosed with cancer suffer during chemotherapy.

He decided to find out whether there were other better ways of treating cancer patients. This is how he came to know radical surgery as well as amputation. He started the company because he wanted to be his own boss and not because he wanted to make a great deal of money.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he acquired a degree in Zoology. Later, he attended George Washington University where he acquired his Ph.D. in genetics. He co-founded the Seattle Genetic Company in the year 1997. He became the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2000 and 2002 respectively. He also worked at the company as the Executive Vice President from 1997 to 2000. He has about twenty years of experience in the field of cancer research as well as therapeutic drug development.


Neurocore Brain Performance Center was established in 2004 and has six centers, four located in lower Michigan and two in southern Florida. They have numerous licensed clinical specialists, brain coaches and client advisors and provide brain performance therapy and neurofeedback therapy for their patients. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Some of the symptoms and problems they help patients with are:

  1. Stress
  2. Sleep Problems
  3. Autism (ASD)
  4. Anxiety
  5. Memory
  6. Migraines
  7. Depression
  8. Attention Deficity/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Neurocore feels that all people are special with individual needs, so an assessment is made to determine the cause of their symptoms. They analyze brain information then begin a personalized training program for brain improvement.

In a recent news article on Crunchbase, one of the problems they help individuals with is stress. They found that low levels of chronic anxiety cause people to have fuzzy memories that makes them misplace items more frequently or forget what they say when talking. If you have a stressful job every day or too much stress in your life, this may be happening to you. Read more about Neurocore at

Through research, the following reasons are why this is happening:

  1. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is elevated when a person has too much

stress which then causes short-term memory loss.

  1. Chronic stress changes brain structure, lessening the number of neurons

(transmitter of nerve impulses). This interferes with processing information

and the function of the brain which can cause various mental illnesses.

Neurocore’s research has shown that stress factors can be reversed. They perform tests to see what type of stress you have and provide the stress management training option that fits best for you in eliminating stressors in your life.

They don’t guarantee a cure for any brain condition mentioned, but have the facilities, experienced personnel and training programs to help ease the symptoms or condition that you have. Their goal is to focus on every patient’s individual needs to help make their lives happier and better than it was before their treatment.

They can be contacted by phone or the Neurocore website for more information.


The Open Eyes Of Dick DeVos That Create Opportunity

One thing that people talk about in many cases is keeping an eye open for opportunities. However, one of the most important factors of opportunities is that someone has to create them. Dick DeVos is in a position where he can create opportunities. This enables him to get involved in different businesses and activities that are dedicated to improving communities. One of the areas that he is willing to create opportunities is in the education industry. He knows that a lot of students are getting lower quality education in some of the more dangerous areas in his community. Therefore, he does everything he can to create opportunities for improvement.


Dick DeVos has experienced a lifetime of success. Therefore, he is likely to be made aware of some of the less fortunate. While he loves to help, he does not want to be an enabler. Before donating to a charity, he makes sure that they are helping in ways that are significant. For instance, he is aware that some of the resources will create a kind of co-dependence. He does not want the less fortunate to become dependent on a certain charity while they stay in their life circumstances. One thing that he sees as empowering are people who rise above their circumstances.


Before giving his money and resources to people, he has looked at the community and thought about what can be done to improve it. He has seen that a lot of people are losing hope. Therefore, he has looked at ways that he can inspire people while giving them a way to move forward. He has also met with others such as officials and politicians in order to discuss what can be done to improve the community as a whole. One thing that he and others have decided is that the education system is one of the best places to start.


One thing that Dick DeVos can help students learn is business related skills. For one thing, the person who is going to have the advantage is an entrepreneur. One of the reasons that the entrepreneur has an advantage is that he will have it easier when looking for a job in all market conditions. However, the person who is trained to be an employee is only going to have a chance at finding a job when the economy is going well. Dick DeVos has lived as an entrepreneur. This enables him to train more people to become entrepreneur.


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How Waiakea Water Compares To Gatorade

This is the time of the year where it is important to stay hydrated. When people look for ways to get hydrated, the best thing for them to do is find something that has more than just fluids. They have to find something with electrolytes. One product that people recommend is Gatorade. However, there is another product that is even better for people. This product is called Waiakea. One of the reasons that people should look into Waiakea water is that there are plenty of benefits that it has that take it beyond Gatorade and plenty of other sports drinks.


One of the benefits that Waiakea has over Gatorade is that it is safe for diabetics to drink. There is a lot of sugar content in Gatorade which will cause the individual to shut down because of a crash in his blood sugar. With Waiakea, there is only electrolytes. This results in a pure taste that is a sign of the refreshment that is to come. For people who struggle with their blood sugar, they do not have to worry about any subsequent crashes. Waiakea water is therefore healthier to drink than Gatorade as a whole.


Another factor in the quality of Waiakea water is the pH level. Gatorade and other sports drinks are going to be acidic. However, the Waiakea water PH level is relatively high. This gives it a neutral to alkaline nature that makes it safer for people to drink than other forms of water. Therefore, people that are looking for something that they can rely on for health benefits are going to find Waiakea to be a better brand to drink. They will be able to improve everything about their lives. The best thing about it is that they don’t have to ignore any taste they don’t like.